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Welcome and thank you for logging into my website.

There are many issues in this election for Delegate; please see some of them in the Issues section of this web site.

The most important issue is whether we should encourage the "culture of life" or continue to encourage the "culture of death". 

The choice is whether to support life or death. The necessity of respecting life is written by God into the hearts of everyone. All persons have a duty to respect and defend human life. I am the only candidate in this race that respects and supports human life.

    Don’t Mess With Kids.  

We have a problem in Fairfax County like other parts of the world because the gender ideology taught to children in the Fairfax County public schools. Gender is presented as a personal choice that is disconnected from biology. It is an ideologically motivated curriculum which will confuse and cause serious harm to many young persons.

If elected, I will introduce legislation and do everything I can to remove and prevent this curriculum from being part of any Virginia public school program.

I urge your prayer, vote, financial and volunteer support.  

Many thanks,


Paul B. Haring

Candidate for Delegate, 38th Virginia House District


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